Beginner MS Word Course


Turn boring documents into must-read material with powerful formatting, charts, and tables.

Program Fundamentals
  • Starting Word 2016
  • What’s New in Word 2016
  • Understanding the Word Program Screen
  • Giving Commands in Word
  • Using Command Shortcuts
  • Creating a New Document
  • Opening a Document
  • Previewing and Printing a Document
  • Saving a Document
  • Closing a Document
  • Using Help
  • Exiting Word
Getting Started with Documents
  • Entering and Deleting Text
  • Selecting and Replacing Text
  • Navigating through a Document
  • Browsing a Document
  • Viewing a Document
  • Working with the Document Window
  • Viewing Multiple Document Windows
Working with and Editing Text
  • Checking Spelling and Grammar
  • Finding Text
  • Replacing Text
  • Using Word Count and the Thesaurus
  • Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
  • Copying and Moving Text
  • Controlling How Text is Copied or Moved
  • Collecting Multiple Items to Move or Copy
  • Using Undo, Redo, and Repeat
Formatting Characters and Paragraphs
  • Changing Font Type
  • Changing Font Size
  • Changing Font Colour and Highlighting Text
  • Changing Font Styles and Effects
  • Applying Spacing and Ligatures
  • Creating Lists
  • Changing Paragraph Alignment
  • Adding Paragraph Borders and Shading
  • Changing Line Spacing
  • Changing Spacing Between Paragraphs
  • Copying Formatting
  • Setting Tab Stops
  • Adjusting and Removing Tab Stops
  • Using Left and Right Indents

Hello! We are able to offer the vast majority of our courses online in a virtual classroom via your preferred video conferencing platform. All of our course contents have been updated to reflect the current COVID-19 situation. To enquire about any of our courses to be delivered online please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page.