Attachment in Assessments


A 1.5 day course (or 2 shorter days) in depth on attachment theory in assessments.

How Long is the Course?

1.5 days (or 2 shorter days 9-3)

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Social Workers and Social Care staff with some existing knowledge of Attachment Theory.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:-

  • Identify the role of attachment theory in underpinning and contributing to the wider social work assessment process including the role of constructs of Internal Working Models.
  • Identify common misconceptions in applying attachment theory to practice.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of attachment throughout childhood and awareness of attachment behaviours in different age groups.
  • Identify parental behaviours which are conducive to attachment security.
  • Consider some of the limitations of Attachment theory in practice.
  • Explore the way that Attachment theory contributes to social work process in relation to different practice assessments.


Day 1

  • Brief overview of Attachment Theory.
  • Debunking myths.
  • Attachment through childhood
  • Informing assessment, what are we looking for and what tools do we have?
  • The role of Internal Working Models.
  • Cultural implications.
  • Theoretical Limitations

Day 2

  • Considering parental engagement
  • Approaching conflicts between practice underpinnings and professional criticism and limitations.
  • Pre Birth assessment – The role of Mind Mindedness in Attachment.
  • Child in need and child protection –Practice Conflicts, Underpinning and Engagement
  • Care planning – Exploring needs and vulnerabilities using attachment theory.
  • Interventions and Implications for direct work with children
  • Review and Questions

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