All Behaviour has Meaning


This course aims to consider ways of addressing behavioural issues in children young people and parents.

It considers the meaning of behaviour and offers strategies for supporting the development of positive behavioural responses linked to children and young people’s developmental stages and is applicable to work with adults

How Long is the Course?

2 days however it can be delivered in a 1 day condensed version

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Children’s Social Care Staff

Learning Outcomes
  • Define what is meant by positive and high need behaviours in children
  • Explore a range of behaviours related to developmental stages and consider how these can be identified
  • Explore the impact of development on behavioural responses e.g. physically, emotionally and cognitively
  • Gain an understanding of behavioural issues and how life experiences can impact on behavioural responses e.g. experiences of harm and/or neglect
  • Consider own responses in relation to children’s behaviours and how these may impact on outcomes
  • Gain an awareness of the importance of considering self-esteem in challenging and supporting positive behavioural change
  • Identify the relevance of identity formation in relation to effective behaviour management
  • Consider behavioural responses in relation to crisis responses e.g. triggers to outbursts
  • Identify a range of techniques for diffusing heated situations (de-escalation using a range of strategies e.g. motivational interviewing, restorative practices and solution focused techniques
  • Explore a range of methods for encouraging children in developing empathy and self control



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