A Proactive Approach to Conflict


This one-day conflict awareness training session helps participants to develop their insight into the reasons why we may encounter conflict when delivering services. In this session we share simple and effective strategies for creating and maintaining safe working practices and environments.

How long is the Course?

1 day

Who is the Course Aimed at?

Anyone who encounters conflict

Course Content

Principles of conflict

    • Behaviours we find to be challenging. Which behaviours have you experienced, presented by people who access services that you have found to be challenging?
    • Why do people present these ‘challenging’ behaviours? The factors that may contribute to a person becoming challenging


    • Considering the ways in which we label the behaviours presented by others and the impact these label have upon us

Health and safety

    • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, our rights and responsibilities around violence at work

Proactive working

    • Considering the steps we can take in order to prepare ourselves for potential conflict. What can we do in advance of risky situations in order to improve our ability to (mindfully, professionally and consistently) respond rather than (emotionally) react?

Risk Assessment and risk management

    • Considering the actions we can take in order to reduce the likelihood of conflict when providing services and the steps we can take should a risky situation arise
    • The Cycle of Aggression, showing the stages of anger and aggression and identifying the indicators that could suggest a person is emotionally escalating.

Verbal responses

    • Using verbal and non-verbal strategies to de-escalate and diffuse situations which involve people who are agitated, upset, frustrated or angry.

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