Robin Kuhnert

Robin Kuhnert is an experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist and trainer guided by a strong belief in person centred care. As a fulltime NHS Educator and as an Independent Nurse Trainer, Robin has delivered training across a multitude of different topics including Acquired brain injury, anaphylaxis awareness, autonomic dysreflexia, basic observations (including experience with CHAPS and NEWS 2), blood glucose monitoring, bowel management, cannulation, Male, Female, and Supra Pubic Catheterisation. Dysphagia, Epilepsy, epilepsy medication including emergency medication with midazolam (Buccal, and Epistasis.) Eye drop training, Huntington’s disease, medication management, nebuliser training, oxygen therapy, Palliative and end of life care training, PEG feeding, phlebotomy and vina puncture training, sepsis training, stoma care, suction training, syringe driver training, tissue viability, tracheostomy care, verification of expected death, wound management. Anaphylaxis awareness, basic life support BLS CPR, bereavement and loss. First aid EFAW, dementia training infection control training safeguarding for adults, effective communication, effective record keeping, equality and diversity, mental health awareness, MCA and DOLs, pressure sore prevention and tissue viability, stroke awareness. OSCE for international nurses.

Robin has excellent communication skills and is a highly rated and popular trainer.