Team Building for Healthcare Professionals TL0609

Course Outline

This workshop explores the dynamics of people working together. Considering behaviours and relationships, actions, reactions and the impact of people on people through a series of activities

Who is the course aimed at?

Everyone in the healthcare team! This is not just about the immediate team you work in, it is also about teams within teams. If your team is invited to look at how it functions, you have to be there. It is as much for you as about you. Through the workshop you will have the opportunity to consider your self, how you fit into the team and how to create strategies for effective teams.

How long is the course?

1 day

What will you learn?

- Who am I and who do others perceive me to be?
- How do I act and react in the various aspects of my work?
- What makes us do what we do in the way we do it?
- The predictable me?
- Working alone
- Building a team profile
- Working a team and moving forward
- Effective teams and how to build them


"Exceptional! Would highly recommend for everyone"

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